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From Vine to Tap

Maison Idiart Keykeg is a Wine Negociant nestled in Bordeaux and  Established in 2013, we focus on "Wine on Tap" and bulk wine supply.



At Maison Idiart we  believe that a wine should be as close possible to the winemaker intended. Besides maintaining superior wine quality we can use on any beer line,  wine on tap in kegs reduces the cost of traditional bottle packaging and transportation, and offer many more benefits. 

Quality first

We are very pleased to offer wines from all Grapes varieties and most of French AOP's and IGP's. Every country have different needs and expectations about wine by the Glass, at Maison Idiart we try to fit every market requirement  as best possible in connection with our customers. Thanks to our oenologist team expertise we can blend and make the wine the way our customer believe it will suit ideally  their market.



Key Keg's technology 

The lightweight disposable kegs based on the KeyKeg system are the products of years of research. The Bag-in-Ball principle and Double Wall technology guarantee optimum quality, shelf life and safety. However, development never stops. We’re continually developing KeyKegs, working closely with the people who use them.

Quick Facts : 

- Pouring Efficiency

- Permanent perfect tasting Temperature 

- Stable quality from the first Glass to the last

- One Way Disposable

- No deposit

- No return trip necessary

- 100% Recyclable

- Works with any gas or compressed air system

- 20L keg replaces 26.6 bottles : 136 / 5 Oz Glass pour

- 30 Liter Kegs / 10 Liter Kegs are also available

- No waste from opened bottles

- No more broken glass

- Wine stays fresh for 3 months once tapped


Other Benefits 

  • Increase your diversity of Glass pour

We working hand to handwith our Wine producers all over France.
This close relationship allow us to use if needed the name of the chateau or domaine where the wine is made at. 

If you choose this option,  we will change chateau wine's on regular bases in order to bring some diversity to your wine program. 

  • Green Value – 96% reduction in carbon footprint

Kegs offer a 96% reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured from bottles over 20 years. Just one stainless steel keg sequesters the same amount of CO2 as 28 trees! Plus, each keg put into service saves 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime


 everywhere fresh wine




Music Festival 

and all out doorLarge Event

Cooling wine in an outdoor event can be difficult long and can need a lot of fridge and room. With wine in Keykegs you just need a to plug the tap and immediatly the wine can be serve fresh, in fast motion to a large audience.

Wedding and Private Banquet 


Usually in summer time, outdoor private even need fresh wine and sparkling wine for a successfull enjoyable moment.

PUB & Restaurant 


Pub's and Restaurant are the leading chanels for the Wine in Kegs. Where all the benefits meet. 

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La Vigne au Verre

Maison Idiart Keykegs is happy to launch our french sister company "La Vigne au Verre" in order to supply wine on tap  for music festivals and outdoor event. 

24th June 2018 -  Bordeaux Open Air  invite Buenos Aires

24th June 2018 - Bordeaux Open Air invite Buenos Aires

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