Maison Idiart - A first step in the event management !

Wine on tap discovery in the Loire Valley

Eyes: We recently welcome Palmer Brewery group from UK at the Lavauguyot Manor. After a tour in the vineyards to present landscape and grape varietal, we visited the Lavauguyot Manor cellar with Frederic Brochet (Oenologist and owner of the estate).

Nose: Eventhough weather wasn’t so well, we enjoyed a few sunbeams at the Jardin des Senteurs discovering every kind of aromas you wan find in local grape varieties. At sundown, Nicolas Idiart gave a presentation on keykegs technology followed by sparkling on tap tasting.

Palate: "Winegrower Buffet" was served with several delicious local specialties at the Lavauguyot Manor with, of course, Nicolas Idiart' wines on tap ! 

Finish: Spectacular ! A well balanced night between discovery and fun, the perfect blend to spend some quality time in the Loire Valley !

nicolas idiart